Where are you in your business? – Customer Survey

Take this short survey to find out where you are in the life cycle of your business. We’ll send you a no cost, no obligation report with specific changes you can make today to start improving your results. We’ll also include some relevant videos for you to watch showing business owners just like you that have faced and overcome challenges.

First Name Dreamer – Not started

Fresh Face – Less than 2 years

Experienced – 2 – 5 years

Grey Beard – 5 years or more
How much of your time does the business consume?
Obsessed – 24×7

More than a job – 50 + hours a week

Full time – 40 hours a week

Part Time – 20 – 30 hours a week

Flexible – the business can operate without my involvement
How involved are you in running the business?
Complete – nothing happens without my involvement

High Touch – Most things require my involvement or approval

Moderate – I am involved in key decisions, but have delegated authority to others

Rare – The business is designed to function well with the guidelines I have established
Describe the systems you have in place
Patchwork – Systems are patched together as needed, lots of overlapping function and no real automation

Functional – Most systems serve a discreet function, and are automated in some areas

Finely Tuned – Each system is optimized, and there is a high degree of overall automation
How is the business financed?
Shoestring – With my house and other personal assets

Patchwork – Investor captial, loans, and other sources

Independent – The business is fully self-sufficient
How profitable is the business?
Nada – Little profit, if any

Fits and Starts – Decent profit at times, but sporadic amounts – unpredictable

Healthy – More than $1million in annual revenue

Robust – More than $3 million in annual revenue

  • Spectator: Through choice or chance, they are seriously considering business ownership. Depending on their behavioral style, they will either jump in, thoroughly analyze the risk or some combination of the two.
  • Starter: Less than 2 years, business controls time 24/7, dependent on owner for most functions and finance, random systems and automation, little or no profit
  • Struggler: More than 2 years, business still controls time 24/7, owner pulled between fires and juggling business functions, financing with house and personal assets, random automation, sporadic profit.
  • Striver: More than 2 years, long work weeks, staff/outsource for business functions, systems in place, generating enough profit for owner to begin working him/herself out of the day-to-day business. Typically more than $1 million in annual revenue.
  • Sustainers: Typically more than 5 years in business and $3 million in revenue. Standards and systems permit the business to operate effectively without owner. Owner can choose to sell, transfer or grow the business consistent with his/her vision for the future.

Vision, Values and Mission Drive your success

Why is more important than How!

80% will fail in the first 5 years.

15% will struggle and survive until they close their doors

4% will do more than $1 MM in annual Sales and sell or transfer

1% will be more than $3 MM in annual sales and sell or transfer

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