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Personality Behavior Analysis – IE 66′ers, United Way

The best team environments are built from everyone working out of their strengths. Once we realize what peoples’ strengths are, then we know that there are certain types of work that are best to assign each person.

Ray Anderson provided teamwork and behavior analysis coaching for several clients through SBETA, a small business training agency in San Bernardino, and this video on the right demonstrates the results from a few of the businesses.

Good Hearted Leadership Course – Jose’s Mexican Restaurants

Products From This Testimonial:
Good Hearted Leadership

“Your enthusiasm, stories and illustrations helped everyone to understand why good hearted leadership is the magnet that attracts the customers and employees who drive our business. With each session they became more attentive to the day-to-day operations of the business that keep our customers satisfied and the business profitable.”

– Jose Jara, Founder and President, Jose’s Mexican Restaurant Chain, San Bernardino

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